So, why choose a metal membership card?  When it comes to putting together your next marketing budget, of course a cheaper product will lower the overall expense. However, cheaper doesn't always translate as better - especially not when it comes to making a great impression.

Invest in your Business

Large or small, businesses can often spend a vast amount of time and effort with advertising or brand awareness, through magazines ad’s, radio, or social media. So why should your brand’s business cards be any different?

Metal business or metal membership cards do a far better job at their sole purpose, of providing a lasting, unforgettable impression, more than their standard equivalent. Paper-based cards are handed out so often now they not only have become the norm, but they don’t last a fraction of the time a pure stainless steel card does. Our metal cards are engineered to last a lifetime, how cool is that?

Total customisation

At Metal Card Co, we can offer various options for your metal business card needs. Because we don’t just deal with business and membership cards, we can deliver totally bespoke original designs. Whether it’s for an event, plaque or something a bit smaller like a token or bespoke keyring, our team will work with you to get your idea off the ground and forged in steel.

Representing yourself with a quality product will result in your clients having the reassurance that you will invest in them as well.

Time for a Change

Your biggest priority in business is to stand out and be remembered! Let your metal business cards speak for themselves at you next client meeting.

Get started today! We’d love to hear your ideas, plus we have a lot of inspirational designs to stimulate your creative ideas if you’re not sure where to start. To choose a metal card colour, just go to our materials & finishes page to browse some of our options.