Zero-Cool in 10 Seconds, we just produced some seriously impressive A5 metal ownership certificates for Supercar technology company Senturion Key.

If you want to make a statement, as if rocking up in your Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato or Lamborghini Huracán isn’t enough, then you need one of these in your life. Senturion Key is the world’s first luxury wrist-wear of its kind, enabling the owner to literally wear their supercar on the wrist. Our metal owner certificates for Senturion Key perfectly highlighted the decadence of the product.

If you want to make an impression, Metal Card Company can do that.

These Senturion Key Supercar device combines precious materials and RFID technology, to make a bracelet that is a luxury keyless entry system, allowing wearers to unlock modern locks and doors without the need for fumbling around for keys. Whilst prices start from £33k upwards, this is the top end of the market – the wearable tech industry is growing at an exponential rate. In 2017 there was 16.7%, growth in global wearables to 310 million devices sold globally, from smartwatches to body-worn cameras and head-mounted displays.

Metal Card Co was tasked with designing a metal certificates for Senturion Key. Our matt stainless steel option was an ideal way for the metal certificates to refelct the quality of the product aswell as their owners supercar.

Everyone needs to make an impact in today’s busy marketplace

Senturion Key is Brainchild of the aristocratic ‘Made in Chelsea’ reality star Richard Dinan. He is a director of a number of companies in the technology and energy sectors.

Producing these bespoke A5 Metal Owner Certificates for Senturion is just one example of our flexable and different options available to you. Whether its metal membership cards or our matt black metal business cards, make a serious statement and are a great way to get your brand noticed.

Drop us a line on and tell us what your product launch is and we’ll find the right marketing piece to announce it.





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