A few of the terms we use in our production at Metal Card Co can be a little tricky to understand and therefore we know it's hard to determine what effects you want on your design. Our Metal Card glossary of terms will help you to deside which of our varied options are best for your branding.Our expert team know the in's and out's of the Metal Card production process and have compiled an easy "cheat sheet." on some of the techniques and terms we use.

All over etched background:
Standard card etching allows for any level of surface or cut-through etching to within 1mm of the card edge. In order to continue etching to the edge, the card needs to be etched twice. Please ask for costing on this from your account manager.

A decorative effect to incorporate a subtle brushed finish in the card background. Can be applied to stainless steel, gold, rose gold, gun metal and antique finishes. Direction can be left to right or up and down, and on one side or both sides of the card.

Colour-printed background:
We can ‘flood’ colour print Pantone inks over any card base using silk screen process. It is possible to reverse out small text or overprint using another colour. Note that unlike plating or anodising, printing does not colour the card edge, so it is possible to have a printed black card, for instance, with metallic gold text and a complementary gold edge.

Etched only:
A technique where the background pattern or graphics / text are surface-etched into the card surface, the effect is similar to a de-boss or engraved look into the metal. The effect can be quite subtle, depending on card finish. See Etch and Infill if greater contrast or sharper contrast is required.

Etch & Infilled text:
Standard process where text or logo is surface-etched into the card and then precision printed (infilled) with ink, usually to create increased contrast. Infilled ink can be any Pantone™ PMS colour including metallics or even white.

Laser Engraving:
Fibre laser engraving will meticulously remove the top layer of the card surface to reveal the core of the card beneath. Laser engraving is one of the last processes to be applied and is ideally suited to individual card numbering or naming.

Magnetic / Signature strips:
We can add Hi-Co (High-Coercivity) or Lo-Co (Low-Coercivity) magnetic strips to our Metal Cards and encode data or even supply them blank for you to encode. Similarly, we can add a blank white signature strip to the back of all bespoke cards.

Microns versus Millimetres:
All of our card measurements are in mm. This includes card thicknesses: 0.3mm (also sometimes referred to as 300mic; 0.5mm = 500mic; 0.8mm = 800mic).

Pantone Matching:
We can match any Pantone™ ink using either infilling technique or silk screen printing.

QR Codes:
These can be printed either by silk screen, etch and infill or with laser engraving. The main requirement for QR’s to scan effectively is contrast to the background, so white or silver on black is always a winner! Alternatively, black on silver or gold works well too!

Silk Screen Printing:
We can print up to 4 spot colours per side of card using silk screen printing onto metal. Artwork should be line work (vector based files) and minimum point size is 5pt (may depend upon the font used).

Through-etched designs:
As well as surface etching, we can photo-chemically etch all the way through the metal card to make a hole, either as a single element or a background pattern. For cut-out logos and type, be aware that the centre (or ‘counter’) of certain characters ‘O’, ‘P’, ‘D’ etc will also be removed if not supported. We can advise on this based on your artwork.

Variable Data:
We can apply individual naming or sequential numbering to each card, as well as common artwork for your logo and background, perfect for membership cards. Variable data can be done either by laser engraving, or by silk screen printing.

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