Why Choose our Metal Cards?

So, why choose a metal membership card?  When it comes to putting together your next marketing budget, of course a cheaper product will lower the overall expense. However, cheaper doesn't always translate as better - especially not when it comes to making a great impression.

Invest in your Business

Large or small, businesses can often spend a vast amount of time and effort with advertising or brand awareness, through magazines ad’s, radio, or social media. So why should your brand’s business cards be any different?

Metal business or metal membership cards do a far better job at their sole purpose, of providing a lasting, unforgettable impression, more than their standard equivalent. Paper-based cards are handed out so often now they not only have become the norm, but they don’t last a fraction of the time a pure stainless steel card does. Our metal cards are engineered to last a lifetime, how cool is that?

Total customisation

At Metal Card Co, we can offer various options for your metal business card needs. Because we don’t just deal with business and membership cards, we can deliver totally bespoke original designs. Whether it’s for an event, plaque or something a bit smaller like a token or bespoke keyring, our team will work with you to get your idea off the ground and forged in steel.

Representing yourself with a quality product will result in your clients having the reassurance that you will invest in them as well.

Time for a Change

Your biggest priority in business is to stand out and be remembered! Let your metal business cards speak for themselves at you next client meeting.

Get started today! We’d love to hear your ideas, plus we have a lot of inspirational designs to stimulate your creative ideas if you’re not sure where to start. To choose a metal card colour, just go to our materials & finishes page to browse some of our options.

What a fantastic year it's been at the Metal Card Company, there's been so many new projects, we thought you might like to see what we've been up to over the last few months.

Please check out some of the cool metal cards we’ve produced this quarter and thanks to all the brands who let us show them to you. If you feel like ‘Going for Gold’ with your brand too, havbe a look at our bespoke metal card page to start designing today!

With some really high profile and bespoke orders, the concept is proven that metal business cards have become one of the hottest forms of offline and tangible conversation starters of the year.  Our business has grown hugely, pretty much purely by recommendation – and of course, with our stunning-quality products.

Metal Card Company’s exclusive cards are also now available with a fast turnaround service, with swift UK production with a minimum order from just 50 units. These stock cards can be laser engraved to one or both sides. How fast…?  Just call us on 01473 836227 to find out.

Deliveroo Gold

Possibly the most sought after card on the internet, the Deliveroo Gold card offers FREE takeaway food for a year! Five lucky fans are hoping to win this card, as held by Stormzy and first launched in 2017. Metal Card Company we were proud to be asked to make the new gold card for our customer, Deliveroo. Fingers crossed you’ll be getting one too!

Orange Buffalo

Also on the foodie front, our Orange Buffalo card is a slick matt black with a prism embossed stars and stripes banner in the background with a gloss black and bright orange logo front and centre for all those ‘ribs’ fans in downtown Shoreditch

Aim Events

For Aim Events we created two versions of an uber-exclusive metal card, one in brushed stainless steel for seasonal members, the other in gun metal grey for the ultimate ‘access all areas’ card.

Tropicana VIP

For a retro take on a classic 80’s gold card, our Tropicana VIP card oozes lounge chic. If you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in!

Connect with the Best – Vero

Our ‘Connect with the Best’ Vero card is a precisely engineered and authoritative matt black metal card with etched and infilled text in white, gold and red

Why not add some real weight to your brand and let’s show you what a Metal Card can do for you in 2019, let’s start a conversation together.

Step 1. Your details






Step 2. Your metal cards

Card Thickness

Card Colour & Finish

Card Effects

QR CodesBrushed FinishVariable DataEtch & InfillLaser EngravingSilk Screen PrintPrinted Flood ColourCut ThroughsEtched Background PatternEtching to Card EdgeMagnetic StripsSignature StripNon-standard Shaped Card


Step 3. Your message

Rapha Cycling Club Membership Cards - Personalised Variable Data

Personalised Metal Membership Cards for Rapha Cycling Club

We started producing these stunning matt black stainless steel personalised metal membership cards for Rapha Cycling Club back in October 2016. Since then we have had 5 further orders for their growing membership.

The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) was established in 2014 as a global cycling club. It’s since gone on to attract over 9,000 active members, 75% of whom are non-UK.

The Club hosts rides and events at stores known as ‘Clubhouses’ in 15 international locations. Throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. Clubhouses also play host to various cycling-related events and art exhibitions throughout the year.

The Design

The cards show an etched RCC motif to the front of each card. On the reverse, individual member details laser engraved into the card.

Laser-engraving takes your variable data and precisely cuts through the surface matt-black plating revealing the matt silver core of the card beneath. With the option of individual personalised data for each memebership card, we are able to bespoke your metal cards down to precise detail.

Click here to see more how you can design your own bespoke metal card.

Membership cards

A slick matt black etched personalised metal membership card with the RCC motif, precision-etched to one face. On the reverse, laser engraved membership details unique to each card and member. These cards fit easily in the wallet while maintaining a premium luxury feel, but of course, they needed to be housed in something special too.

Membership card holder

The card holder was a bespoke design by our sister company, Cyberpac, and made from an uber-soft touch matt black Fedrigoni Ispira card. Gloss black foil inside and out, die-cut and glued to hold the metal card and local club badge. All together this created a perfect presentation to each member, all in keeping with the luxury finish Rapha Cycling Club wanted.

The Final Touches

Cyberpac also created a membership pack box that housed the cards along with a pack of RCC clear vinyl stickers and several Rapha goodies, caps, bag etc. The box was made from a dyed matt black corrugated board with a Fedrigoni Ispira fitment making up the compartments and internal flap, with black gloss logo as the internal reveal.